I’m still here . . .

Hi world! After three weeks of being quarantined with one husband, three teenage boys, one husky and four angry cats, I’ve decided to dabble in blog writing once again.

Perhaps my only motivation is to vent, or to show off my new ability to correctly spell q-u-a-r-a-n-t-i-n-e. Either way, as a writer, I’m here to entertain. Regretfully, my family has been less than entertaining during this quarantine (nailed it!). I have suffered through countless YouTube videos, been told by children I created that I should watch Gordon Ramsey’s masterclass because my cooking needs originality, and watched the flowers grow. Literally. I’ve also been working furiously on another book in between buds blooming.

I’m happy to announce Logan’s HEA is in the works. Plot twists and turns abound in this latest installment. It may have driven this author to drink on occasion, or currently, for that matter, but when this book is finished, I shall be proud. And drunk. But mostly proud.


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